EHR Implementation

Today’s patient-provider experience is driven by patient engagement. The patient is an active participant and consumer to how their healthcare is provided. Both patients and providers are looking for a seamless experience. We offer a holistic suite of software and services to modernize, automate, and remove the need for multiple software vendors that make the daily workflow prone to errors.

Medical Billing

Our medical billing services team is built on decades of industry experience serving practices small, medium, and large across the United States. We serve internal medicine, family medicine, specialists, sub-specialist, stand-alone facilities, and others. Our collection strategies, workflows, and customer communications maximize our clients’ accounts receivables. Our focus is to provide a seamless process flow which includes:

  • Distribution Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Commercialization

Insurance Credentialing

One of the most important and fundamental steps in establishing a practice is to have contracts in place with the health insurance companies that you can participate with in your area.

Insurance Eligibility & Authorization

Ensuring your patients have active insurance along with obtaining valid pre-authorizations and/or referrals is the lifeline of a practice. Knowing what the patient owes before they walk in and educating them of their responsibilities improves the patient experience and a practice’s cash flow cycle. Authorizations also serve as a tool of communication between the provider and the insurance companies to establish what a patient is scheduled to be seen for. We provide eligibility and/or authorization services as part of our medical billing services or as a standalone service.

MIPS Attestation

Participating with Medicare? Your practice may be required to report to Medicare annually through the MACRA payment quality program. Our analyst can work with your existing EHR and PM system to monitor monthly performance, provide support on areas of improvement, and assist with end of year reporting. Maximize your CMS payment bonus and avoid increasing penalties. We can also assist with standardized reporting if you choose to work with a specialty foundation for your MIPS attestation process.

Practice Consultation

We understand the uniqueness of each practices and each environmental circumstance poses daily operational challenges. Our team can provide on-site or remote consultation to ensure your practice is following industry best practices, meeting compliance guidelines, and is operating with efficient staff and workflows. By analyzing and understanding your office process flows, EHFS can help find the issues at hand and advise on more efficient processes to keep your office effective and compliant.

Patient Engagement

Patient care should be the top priority and center of any practice. With today’s technology there are multiple ways to communicate and engage with your patients. From patient portal interactions to telemedicine, there are options to choose from that best suit your patients and type of care. EHFS can assist with analyzing your existing process and helping build a better platform for your patients to communicate with you.

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