The healthcare industry has made a paradigm shift towards value-based care. Government and private insurance payors are using regulations, medical policies, and comparative analytics to guide the quality and cost of care. Today, successful practices are implementing disciplined strategies and integrated technologies to provide improved quality of care, gain efficiencies, and navigate compliance challenges, all while remaining competitive.

As you evaluate your short and long term plans, allow EHFS to be your trusted partner. We have a portfolio of solutions to help practices regardless of their size, specialty, and structure. We have supported clients ranging from small, medium, and large groups, hospital and/or nursing home providers, start-up practices, and practices acquiring other practices.

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Whether you are looking for a comprehensive review of your practice, a new perspective, or support to improve your current workflow, EHFS provides a range of tailored services to meet your practice’s needs. Our consultants provide years of expertise and background in the following areas.

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