Senate Hearing On EHRs And ICD-10 Reveals Skepticism

Senate Hearing On EHRs And ICD-10 Reveals Skepticism

The implementation of EHRs as a result of meaningful use has been a boon for some and a mountain of frustration for some. In a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on April 23, 2015, HHS Secretary Burnwell field questions/issues from both sides of the isles questioning the success and value of the EHR/pending ICD 10 transition. With over $28 billion is government subsidies spent, there is still a sizable population of physicians willing to accept the Medicare penalty for non-EHR compliance.

Senator Alexander also pointed to a study by RAND Corp that pointed to EHRs as the leading cause of “professional dissatisfaction, emotional fatigue, depersonalization, and lost enthusiasm”

Furthermore, the House and Senate have vocal reps who have high reservations of the value and impact of ICD 10. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), M.D is recmommending to delay ICD 10 penalty for 2 years.

Regardless what side of the coin you fall on the value of EHR, ICD 10, and overall health care change, it is interesting to witness how amazingly we as people develop amazing technology to solve difficult problems, but the most difficult problem we can struggle to embrace is change.

All in all, interesting link to read as ICD 10 approaches once again.

Source: Senate Hearing On EHRs And ICD-10 Reveals Skepticism


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