Month: May 2015

Researchers Call for Move to Online Health Care Payment Systems 

A PWC report analyzing the medical billing and payment system of the US health care insurance payment system identified some less than glaring problems that have been plaguing the industry for decades. Although advances in technology and automation have reduced some of those frustrations, the harsh reality is medical billing is still a manual driven…
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Senate Hearing On EHRs And ICD-10 Reveals Skepticism

The implementation of EHRs as a result of meaningful use has been a boon for some and a mountain of frustration for some. In a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on April 23, 2015, HHS Secretary Burnwell field questions/issues from both sides of the isles questioning the success and value of the EHR/pending ICD 10 transition.…
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New Medicare law: Will you pay more? 

Interesting quick take on the impact of the repealed SGR Medicare payment cuts that was passed by the US Government in April 2015. With physicians who provide treatments to Medicare beneficiaries protected from the initial 21% projected reimbursement cut, Medicare recipients will now have to indirectly foot the bill to balance those cuts. Especially the…
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